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                                                                          I am keeping this website as a record of the birds I have seen and an aid to their                                                                           identification, not an attempt to create outstanding images.                                                                      

                                                     Replacing poor, fuzzy and indistinct images with cleaner and sharper ones                                                      of the same species will be an ongoing process. But there are some that I                                                      may keep: This fuzzy image of the Common Ground-dove shows the red underside of the wings; it's not something that is easily observed since these birds are in fact mostly on the ground or are flying low over the ground. I also kept the two blurred images of the black-crowned night heron as they show the bird's large piercing red eyes.

Brief Bio:I grew up in Germany, I went to high school there and then, briefly, to art school. In this country -- after following a rather circuitous path of working on Wall Street, taking writing classes at the University of Iowa, and finally earning my Bachelor of Science degree, I studied medicine and practiced as an internist for a good many happy years. I am living in Southern Vermont with my husband, Bill Jacques. I have cut back on my hours to rediscover what I used to love, bird watching - which led me to bird photography

Equipment: Many photos are taken with a Nikon D50 camera using either a Nikkor VR 18-200 mm lens, and more frequently, a Nikkor VR 70-300 mm lens. More recently I have been using a Nikon D300 camera with the Nikkor VR 70-300mm lens. I just added a Solmeta GPS unit to the camera, so that a photo's coordinates can be pasted into Google Earth to show where it was taken.

I recently traded in my Sigma 50-500 mm lens for a Sigma 150-500mm lens with Optical Stabilizer which allows me to take hand-held telephoto pictures without using a tripod. The photo of the common raven was taken this way .

Software: I am editing my photos with Adobe Lightroom 2.2 and Photoshop CS4.

To record bird sounds I have started using an Olympus LS-10 recorder which is small enough to tuck into a pocket, is easy to take along and has good quality stereo microphones to do recordings on a fly. Here is an example: Carolina Wren

Why Jackdaw? A jackdaw was the principal character in my favorite book when growing up. Faded as it now is in its black linen binding, it still holds an honored place in my library. Ravens, crows, jackdaw ...I have always felt drawn to these birds, with an almost human curiosity and intelligence, and lots of character and personality - I feel an affinity with them, both in what I lack and what I possess.

Favorite authors and reads: Bernd Heinrich, J.M. Coetzee, Tuesday's NY Times Science section, and, as a bedside book, Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion, and John Ashbery's poems. Here is a quote:

In the beginning there are those who don't quite fit in
But are somehow okay. And then some morning
There are places that suddenly seem wonderful:
Weather and water seem wonderful,
And the peaceful night sky that arrives
In time to protect us, like a sword
Cutting the blue cloak of a prince.

        • "A Snowball in Hell," April Galleons

Lastly: "The root of all pure joy and sadness is that the world is as it is" Giorgio Agamben